Maximising reach for your Ramadan promotions: How an eCommerce brand boosted its promotion with SMS broadcast

A bigger opportunity during Ramadan feast  

In 2022, an eCommerce brand in Indonesia recognised the opportunity to leverage the market of Indonesia's second-largest smartphone brand users, which boasts a user base of approximately 30 million individuals. When many Ramadan promotion campaigns rained down on users, this eCommerce brand saw the opportunity and convenience of utilising SMS for broader awareness, so they needed a partner to enable them to reach out to this specific target group. 

ADA’s strategy to leverage the reach: 

ADA has two messaging approaches and had chosen structured messaging, where messages can be developed to be more interactive and convenient. The user only needs to click the call-to-action (CTA) button. It works well with the messaging interface on smartphones. 

To reach a well-targeted user, we assisted them in classifying the target audience based on the following criteria: 

  • Location: Utilising geo-tagging, we were able to precisely target users in a specific area of the city. We targeted users from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, and many more. 
  • Social economic status: Our target group was divided based on the cost of their phone.
  • Operator: We targeted some of Indonesia's most popular provider brands. 
  • Device type: We targeted three smartphone brands under an umbrella brand. 

To be more specific, this broadcast message was aimed at eCommerce users. 

Following targeting, we created a clickable SMS with three buttons: 

  • Bonus 
  • Flash Sale Offers 
  • Free Delivery 

Creating maximum result: 

We successfully delivered their message to millions of users with specific devices using a well-targeted approach, resulting in a 70% click rate amidst intense Ramadan promotion competition. We also learned that the target group engaged most with the Free Delivery (60%) button among the three buttons. 


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