ADA Case Study

Toyota Lofi Drive Beats: Capturing Young Audiences via Social Listening & Catchy Music Playlists

The Challenge

In Indonesia, Toyota cars dominate the roads, establishing their unwavering presence and undeniable popularity. Since the 70s, Toyota is synonymous with peace of mind in car ownership: Reliable features, great after-sales service, and unbeatable resale value – the undisputed brand of choice for the mature generation. 

However, operating in the second-largest ASEAN country and witnessing a substantial decline in sales during the pandemic meant trouble, especially when it comes to the young generation of car buyers. Transactional features alone do not resonate with their brand consideration process. 

Hence, to sing the tunes of the younger generation and drive brand relevance, Toyota Indonesia turned to ADA with the challenge of capturing an untapped consumer segment and pushing the boundaries of its brand perception. 

The Strategy

1. Leverage consumer insights via social listening

Through social listening, we discovered that people spent more time listening to music to uplift their mood while going about their day-to-day activities. In fact, they are getting their daily dose of music from video platforms. Toyota tapped into this young Indonesian's digital behaviour. 

2. Craft data-driven content marketing strategies

Armed with this key insight, we collaborated with clients to develop two distinctive, soothing yet localised playlists for them to study, work, do chores, and relax, featuring the GR Supra and Yaris cruising down Jakarta’s streets and Bali's roads, making Toyota part of our audiences’ everyday lives.


The Execution

1. Create awareness through social-led campaigns

We kickstarted the campaign teasers through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to build awareness and pique audience curiosity.

2. Sustain excitement with influencers and user-generated content (UGC)  

After capturing our audience with the campaign teasers, two Lo-Fi Drive Beats playlists were launched on YouTube. To drive traffic and maintain the hype for the playlists, we collaborated with a list of influencers to amplify the campaign and organised a giveaway encouraging UGC submissions. 

3. Maximise campaign impact through strategic media buys

To take our campaign’s reach and visibility to greater heights, we strategically invested in media buys on YouTube and Instagram. 


The Results

  • Achieved record-breaking retention rate – 609% higher than other historical content on Toyota Indonesia’s YouTube

  • Gained almost 130k engagements and 8.6 million impressions, way above the industry benchmark for a 1.5-month campaign

  • Achieved 70% view rate for 1-hour video content on YouTube (average benchmark: 30% to 50% view rate)

  • Saved 40% in CPC investment on Instagram resulting in close to 2 million reach

  • Improved brand perception with net positive brand sentiment

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