ADA Case Study

Play, connect, engage: Timezone maximises reach and delivers personalised communication via WhatsApp Business Account

The Challenge

Timezone Group, a leading entertainment service provider with a presence in 15 countries, takes great pride in its commitment to remaining at the forefront of entertainment trends. The company is dedicated to delivering an extraordinary customer experience. Infused with an energetic and lively ambience, Timezone Group is dedicated to creating a vivid, lively, and inviting setting that caters to family entertainment.

To further enhance its customer engagement, Timezone Group set its sights on leveraging the capabilities of the WhatsApp messaging application. With a clear vision, the company was in search of a strategic partner capable of adeptly aiding them in the seamless execution of this endeavour. The objective is to guarantee a smooth integration process and to fully capitalise on the advantages offered by this robust communication platform.

The Strategy

Securing the official green tick

Upon the successful implementation of WhatsApp, Timezone now has its own official WhatsApp Business Account. With a distinctive green tick, this indicator enables customers to readily identify the sender.


The Execution

1. Integrating WhatsApp as the endpoint in their digital campaign journey

By utilising WhatsApp as the endpoint in their digital campaign journey, Timezone encouraged targeted users to visit their amusement venues. This integration seamlessly connects to Timezone's CRM system, enabling it to store valuable insights about loyal customers and facilitate the dissemination of relevant broadcast messages in subsequent campaigns.

2. Using WhatsApp as the primary broadcast channel

With WhatsApp's unlimited character feature, Timezone was able to share detailed promotional information with its audience. By incorporating eye-catching visuals in their interactive broadcast messages, the brand created an engaging communication platform, enhancing the overall user experience.


The Results

  • Customer data validation: Timezone was able to validate customer data and determine their status for accurate targeting and personalised communication.
  • Direct customer engagement: After the implementation, Timezone was able to engage with customers directly. The brand also used WhatsApp as a platform to promote offerings, deliver targeted messages, and drive customer participation.
  • Increased engagement: The implementation resulted in more customers opening the push notifications through the Timezone app or website, enabling a wider reach and improved customer engagement.


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