ADA Case Study

Chat commerce: Dr Dermis' journey from broadcast to product sales on WhatsApp

The Challenge

Dr Dermis, the esteemed derma brand under the umbrella brand of Bio-essence, is actively exploring the potential of utilising chat commerce on a widely popular messaging app. Recognising the transformative impact that this endeavour can have on both revenue generation and customer satisfaction, Dr Dermis is eager to leverage the power of WhatsApp Business. The objective is to offer personalised assistance and foster meaningful engagements with their customers, further improving customer engagement.

The Strategy

Leverage the wide range of features on WhatsApp Business.

Dr Dermis leveraged the wide range of features on WhatsApp Business. Customers can initiate conversations by simply saying "hi" and selecting the desired topic for inquiry. Automated responses will swiftly address frequently asked questions and product inquiries. Any questions that cannot be answered will be automatically routed to a customer service representative.


The Execution

1. Elevate the overall customer experience

Dr Dermis establishes this approach as a central platform for online interactions. Through the integration of an automated chatbot, customers are provided with a menu that addresses their needs.

2. Offer personalised recommendations

Upon receiving inquiries regarding product recommendations, the chatbot functions as a knowledgeable consultant. It gathers information about the customer's skin type and compiles a list of product suggestions tailored to each customer's specific needs.

3. To buy or not to buy

Together with the recommendations, customers will receive the detailed product descriptions and pricing information. Here, they can choose either to purchase the suggested products directly or speak to an experienced beauty consultant.

4. Instant answers to common queries

Additionally, the chatbot serves as a convenient resource for frequently asked questions (FAQs). Customers can access relevant information promptly and effortlessly, enhancing their overall experience.


The Results

  • The average response time of customer service decreased significantly.

  • 80% of conversations now take place on WhatsApp platform, highlighting the effectiveness of WhatsApp as a preferred channel for customers.

  • Customers can access to product catalogue, customised recommendations, product and pricing information, and live-chat assistance all within a single platform.

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