Philippines nutrition brand transforms digitally & grows rapidly with integrated campaign

The Challenge

Early in 2020, the pandemic turned out to be a significant event that fundamentally altered society. Lockdowns and mobility restrictions hit the retail industry hard, and brands were severely impacted. As a result of the Philippines government's retail closures, consumers began to shift to online channels. To avoid losing customers to competitors, the brand needed to bring their offline customers online, while also providing an elevated level of convenience and customer satisfaction.

ADA and the brand collaborated to solve the difficult market scenario after both parties realised the problems at hand. We focused on expanding and improving their eCommerce channels to capture a growing market share in this space.

The Strategy

1. Commercial insights and consulting
Our industry expert practitioners deep dives into the learnings and milk category trend within the Philippines to provide relevant insight for the brand.
2. Improve customer journey
We leveraged industry best practices to maintain an optimal customer experience for our store visitors and buyers.
3. Enhance customer service
ADA executed multiple strategies to increase upsell and cross-sell conversions, which contributed to the overall sales on the platforms. We also deployed the use of sophisticated Customer Engagement Tools to identify opportunities.

The Execution

1. Improve media efficiencies
We focused on driving traffic at lower CPVC vs. benchmark and maintained on-site search efforts as they proved to be a strong driver of on-site product views and conversions.
2. Always-on thematic campaigns
Thematic campaign remains a strong pillar for eBusiness, and proves to be an efficient driver of baseline growth.
3. Media pilots

New media efforts such as Google data-driven creatives, Shopee Mom’s Club, Vismin geo-targeting were exclusively piloted for the brand on Shopee.

4. Business priority on recruitment

We onboarded the brand into Shopee supermarket to expand its base to regular grocery shoppers. We also integrated Shopee’s database (Mom’s Club & brand membership) with the brand’s ParenTeam Rewards with CRM integration.


The Results

  • FB / CPAS ROAS outpaced competing eTailer platforms by 43%

  • Performance of Super Brand Day (SBD) excelled, delivering 10x growth with up to 45% contribution from new buyers

  • Drove Campaign-On-Campaign improvements by 161%

  • Achieved over 100% of growth for their key brands

  • Promil and Promama stores experienced 125% of growth YoY

  • Followers increased by 35%

  • New orders grew by 1.4x

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