The Challenge

Our client, an American footwear company, gave ADA a task — to bring them the highest-ever single day sales on Shopee Singapore and Malaysia during the July 2022 Super Brand Day (SBD) campaign. It set the stage for the impossible to become possible, though we knew we had our work cut out for us.

We reconvened and aligned with our client on the three key pillars that will propel us to achieving the given tasks:

i) Bring quality traffic to their Shopee stores in SG and MY, while maximising ROAS
ii) Convert them with attractive promotional tactics and best-in-class creative design
iii) Drive executional excellence through robust operations, including Customer Service

The Strategy

1. Derive insights from XACT, ADA’s proprietary DMP

Utilising XACT and first-party data from our client, we identified the best-suited target audiences, along with on and off-platform channels recommendations from ad ops.

2. Generate awareness at the top of the funnel

Facebook CPAS campaigns were optimised for Content Views and Add To Cart, while Google Performance Max campaigns targeted towards the in-market audiences were run during the teaser phase.

3. Ensuring best-in-class Customer Service

Our client entrusted ADA with their Customer Service and the key focus areas were: Live chats, Online reviews, and CEM Broadcast.

The Execution

1. The insights

Our XACT data revealed interesting insights about our potential target audience and “deal-seeking” online consumers. Hence the creative strategy is a combination of “Branding” and “Promotion” led content with best-in-class assets to drive awareness and entice purchases.

2. Producing content at scale

ADA Content House, along with local creative experts developed the key campaign concepts. With past campaign learnings, we developed 300 assets in two weeks.

3. Conversion at the bottom of the funnel

Conversion tactics were used at the Mega Day phase where the campaigns were optimised for purchases. Precise audience targeting from Facebook CPAS with dynamic retargeting strategy helped achieve conversion goals.

The Results

  • The campaign generated more than 20x traffic in both markets, with:
    - 2x ROAS uplift in SG
    - 1.7x ROAS uplift in MY
    - 1.7x overall ROAS uplift for the entire campaign.

  • Sales increased 47 times and 30 times in SG and MY respectively

  • Orders increased 46 times and 27 times for SG and MY respectively

  • Due to a high traffic generated and a surge in the number of orders, there was a corresponding surge in Live Chat volume:
    - 2.5x increased chat volume load in MY
    - 3.3x increased chat volume load in SG

  • Despite the increased chat volume, we delivered 99% and 98% response rates in SG & MY respectively.


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