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The Insider Hack for Digital Growth & Customer Experience

The insider hack for digital growth & customer experience

A great customer experience will always be the hallmark of success for brands, but in the internet age, what really counts is whether the digital side of that experience measures up. There’s an increasing urgency for brands to deliver: almost 60% of consumers are willing to switch to a competitor if they feel the experience is below par.

Meantime, as products and services become more commoditised online, one thing marketers can still do to set their brands apart is up the ante on customer experience and personalisation. Consumers seem to agree, with more than 60% willing to share data in exchange for a personalised online experience. For marketers, that means not only customising their products and services to the individual customer, but also their channel mix to align with the customer’s preferences.

Since March 2021, ADA has partnered with Insider to help brands take their digital growth and customer experience to the next level through technology-enabled personalisation.


Ingredients for Success

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What brands need to remember is that customer experience optimisation is not a one-off effort. Marketers should cultivate a test and learn mindset around the following four factors to drive sustainable digital growth:

  1. Optimise conversion funnel
  2. Improve product visibility
  3. Acquire new customers
  4. Increase app usage

Yet the true challenge of 1:1 personalisation lies in data integration. Working together with their IT teams, marketers need to put in place a marketing technology stack that lets them organise and give context and structure to the data they collect, so that it can lead to useful customer insights.

The data segmentation framework below gives brands an overview of the data buckets that result in greater personalisation. Segmenting data this way can build a fuller picture of the customer journey as well as the touchpoints that can maximise conversion.

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The ADA x Insider Way

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Insider’s artificial intelligence-powered Growth Management Platform enables marketers to make informed decisions about when and how to reach high-performing segments through data segmentation.

It also has a predictive engine that can be used to orchestrate personalised experiences for customers. By connecting and analysing data across multiple platforms, the predictive engine forms a 360-degree view of the customer to forecast their behaviour, letting marketers see which marketing messages have a higher probability of increasing engagement – no matter their stage in the customer lifecycle.


Growth Uplift

In 2023, personalisation and customer experience are the new keys for digital growth. Brands will need to step up their game – and quickly – if they don’t want to get left behind. It’s incumbent on marketers to leverage MarTech to build engaging digital customer experiences with 1:1 personalisation, as well as a seamless journey from discovery to loyalty.

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