ADA Case Study

Access for all: Biotech company improves market access and tracks performance with sales dashboards

The Challenge

As a leader in the industry, our client is a prominent biotechnology company known for its innovation, development, and commercialisation of life-transforming medicines to address serious diseases. 

The commercial wing of the business identified the need to closely monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across various aspects, including sales, patient support services programmes, field reimbursement management performance, and distribution network.  

To track these KPIs, our client requires a robust tracking system for monitoring and measuring KPIs across different segments, including building a comprehensive performance tracker dashboard in Tableau to optimise market access strategies and identify areas for improvement within their commercial operations.

The Strategy

1. Identify major data sources and the KPIs

To identify major KPIs across different verticals and build access-controlled dashboards, ADA proposed a data-driven solution approach for effective tracking, analysis, and reporting of critical metrics.


The Execution

1. Build Field Reimbursement Dashboards

This dashboard allows for Field Reimbursement Planning, displays FRM Performance, FRM Account Review, and an overview of the FRM Team.

2. Build Patient Services Dashboards

With a patient services dashboard, our client can access both the executive summary and a detailed view of the programme.

3. Build Brand Insights Dashboards

With this, we have access to the brand overview, patient’s journey, patient’s status, and patient’s support, providing a 360-degree monitoring of overall patient and brand-related programmes.

4. Build Specialty Pharmacy Dashboards 

The Specialty Pharmacy Dashboard provides an overview of specialty pharmacy, the specialty pharmacy patient journey, the initiations from specialty pharmacies, and the regional/territorial comparative analysis.


The Results

  • Market access teams are now able to monitor key business performance trends and indicators, i.e., Conversion Rate and Time to Fill, using Tableau

  • This enables efficient tracking and visualisation of the relevant data, empowering the teams to make data-driven decisions and drive continuous improvement


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