World leading food company witnesses outstanding growth with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The Challenge

With various restrictions to limit public movements, customers shifted their purchase behaviour from brick-and-mortar to online. Likewise, advertisers started to shift their media investments to drive traffic to their or marketplace stores.

Our client has 3 brands competing in the Growing Up Milk (GUM) category. With the same primary target audience, similar online behaviours, and digital footprints, ADA needed to outwit Facebook’s CPAS (Collaborative Ads) algorithms to be effective.

Furthermore, switching behaviour is highly unlikely within the GUM category. Typically, mothers stick to the same brand once they discover that their kids like the milk they’re given, and only under drastic circumstances that a switch is possible.

The Strategy

  • Establishing digital presence on eCommerce platforms

Our client focused on gaining footing in five major hubs. We were off to execute a never-been-done before CPAS strategy. Facebook became a perfect means to target new and existing category users.

  • Using Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We attempted to attract potential audiences from Google when they did their research on infant milk and babyrelated topics. We used Facebook CPAs and programmatic to lead people from other digital sites to the eCommerce platforms.

  •  Facebook CPAS retargeting and On-Site eCommerce Campaigns

Once they got there, we released the Facebook CPAS retargeting and On-Site eCommerce Campaigns. Depending on their profiles, we would either intrigue them to buy the product or convince the group who had an existing activity in the platform to purchase.


The Execution

  •  Reverse engineering Facebook’s CPAS audience profiling process

Instead of creating profiles based on specific attributes, we left the profiling open and let the magic of Facebook algorithms find our audiences. Custom audience segments were formed.

  • Facebook CPAS Campaign

ADA implemented two campaigns: Prospecting, and Retargeting and conversion. To reach new audiences, we implemented a broad audience and look-alike from first-party data. Retargeting campaigns were executed to improve conversion and retention.

  • On Site eCommerce Campaign

Different approaches were applied to address different buyers, i.e. New shoppers were encouraged to purchase via manual campaign and single-pack products, while loyal buyers were encouraged to purchase via automatic campaign and bundled products.

The Results

  • Achieved an incremental Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) by 133%
  • All 3 brands of infant formula milk topped the charts on Shopee Indonesia

Facebook CPAS Campaign

  • Successfully generated a higher GMV by 85%
  • The actual calculated ROAS was at 7.45, with highest ROAS achieved at 9.53
  • Conversion rates from off-site platforms were maintained at 6%

On-Site eCommerce Campaign

  • The year-on-year investment brought an incremental GMV by 549%
  • Achieved highest calculated ROAS at 84.67
  • Conversion rate was maintained at more than 25%
  • Accomplished 1.3% of Cost Per Order of the total average basket size

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