The Challenge

The beauty industry was hardly hit during COVID-19. Nationwide lockdowns in Thailand badly impacted foot traffic to malls — a nightmare to our client.

Challenge 1: The decreasing demand for makeup products
People stayed at home most of the time, resulting in a lower demand for cosmetic products.

Challenge 2: Closure of malls and infection concerns
As the cosmetic boutiques are located in major malls, consumers were concerned about the hygiene and risk of infection. Hence, product exposure and experience decreased sharply.

Challenge 3: Difficulty to reconnect with the right audience
The brand launched a “VIRTUAL TRY-ON” service for consumers to test out products virtually to reconnect with the brand and product.

The Strategy

1. Derive insights from XACT, ADA’s proprietary DMP

Our client shared their consumer demographics with us. We explored more on the XACT platform to get a clearer picture of how our client’s potential consumers were like.

2. Consumer personas targeting

As the “VIRTUAL TRY-ON” service is at the official website, our chosen media needed to drive traffic to the site and experience the service through their smart devices. Facebook was selected as the most suitable platform.

3. Utilisation of VACE, ADA’s proprietary Video Analytics & Creation Engine tool

Personalised messages were created to establish a strong connection and relevancy among the target audience. New materials were developed as well.

The Execution
1. Building up the hypothesis

We designed a study to prove that Personalisation would help stimulate the needs of consumers. We decided to launch 2 different sets of creatives (personalised and generic) for each gender (Female and Male).

2. The insights

3 personas were identified. Online sentiments revealed the change in daily routines and some pain points emerged because of WFH arrangements.

3. Creative assets creation

Multiple hook messages, background images, and end scenes had been pushed via VACE tool. The messages had been tailored to address the pain points of WFH and some common makeup mistakes that matched with each persona. The campaign was executed for A/B testing.

The Results

  • Personalised creatives outperformed in every metric mainly in the Female segment. CTR was 156% higher, VTR was 279% higher, and VTR completion was 134% higher.

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) decreased by 27% compared to Generic creatives.

  • The number of purchases of Male was 5 times higher than Female. The test revealed that the brand needs to tailor their message to the Male audience.

  • View rate performance increased by 166%, with 139% for completion view rate.

  • The VACE tool reduced over 40 to 50% of working hours and increased the flexibility of plugging in and out of the messages.


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