Thailand Burger King drives daily sales by 12% with consumer data & insights

The Challenge

Though Burger King in Thailand enjoyed a loyal fanbase, growth had plateaued without any major campaigns for the past 2 years. With their sights set on expanding their customer pool, they conducted a survey and discovered that Thai consumers felt that the brand was not approachable.

To refresh their brand image, they developed and launched a new Thai menu. The campaign was set to run for 2 months to attract new customers.

We developed a multi-pronged data-driven strategy to achieve two goals:
i) Be the first in the market to run this campaign using a new, different approach
ii) Learn what makes consumers tick

The Strategy

1. Leverage our powerhouse of expert partners

We partnered with Facebook and Google to understand specific user behaviour and preferences on each platform to create impactful ads that users would most likely respond to.

2. Sizing up the competition

Our competitor analysis showed that other fast food brands served local Thai meals as well, but with an emphasis on special ingredients and product quality. BK was set to differentiate themselves by creating a distinct identity.

3. Tugging at heartstrings, not purse strings

Our focus remained on promoting familiar traditional Thai food, but with a Burger King touch. We also offered a diverse selection of food on the menu. Burger King appointed a famed Thai personality as the voiceover for the video ad to narrate the witty and humorous script.


The Execution

1. Predicting consumer purchases

We extracted multiple data sets with a combination of tools: Audience Explorer to track real-time data; Location Analytics to gather footfall data; Consumer Profiling to understand consumers’ attributes and behaviours. These allowed us to predict the likelihood of a consumer purchasing from Burger King.

2.  Targeting hyper-specific audience

The main targeting method was focused on locations with a Burger King outlet. We chose audiences with an affinity for food & dining, used geolocation data to pinpoint areas with high footfall of competitor outlets, and served ads to audiences seen in those areas.

3. Precision is key

To win new customers, we excluded those who have visited the BK website with the new menu and those who had completed viewing at least 50% of the video.


The Results

  • 12% increase in daily sales

  • 4% increase in brand consideration

  • Reached 9.7 million users via digital ads on Facebook and Instagram

  • 2.62 million video views on YouTube

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