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Robi Ignites National Spirit through Creative Content - a Rendition of Iconic Patriotic Song on Victory Day

Robi wins an award through creative content campaign

The Challenge

Robi wanted to create a national buzz among the mass, while reconnecting them with the brand through emotions. As such, Robi aimed to establish the brand’s consideration and top of mind awareness (TOMA) in the customers’ mind. But how? For Bangladeshis, the victory in the Liberation War has lived on for decades. During wartime, patriotic songs would be played to give freedom fighters the strength they need. The national spirit has lived on through these iconic patriotic songs. Our research has shown that these songs have a major sympathetic value across generations. For the older generation, these songs carry strong emotional reminiscences. For the younger generation, these songs lift their spirits and boost their emotions.

The Strategy

  • Recreate the patriotic song “Nongor Tolo Tolo”

Robi wanted to leverage the finding where patriotic songs can foster a strong bond between two generations. We came up with a way to celebrate patriotism with a historical patriotic song that connects all generations together, honouring all the liberation fighters of the Liberation War.

  • Establish audience engagement

Finding a suitable song and giving them the platform to perform the song together with a renewed enthusiasm seems to be the key way forward in reliving the feeling of independence. Brand love can be established convincingly if such an opportunity can be proposed.


The Execution

  • Song selection

To select a preferred patriotic song, we started off the campaign by posting CTA posts and banners. Viewers were asked to submit one of their preferred patriotic songs by famous and influential artists. The iconic song “Nongor Tolo Tolo” was selected.

  • Selection of musicians

Following that, influencers were mobilised to instigate the campaign further. Musicians were selected through a similar process of submissions via social media. They were paired with the singers featured in Liberation War songs. Together, they recreated the iconic song.

  • Campaign launch

The campaign had a significant digital presence across other platforms. This special content was broadcasted on TV, social media, and radio, all of which received a massive response from all over the country.

The Results

  • 46.5% increase in audience brand health
  • 10.6 million total video played
  • 6 million total views on YouTube
  • 10.9 million reached for post engagement on Facebook

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