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SuperApp eWallet Boost, won multiple industry awards with business insights and content

The Challenge

In early 2020, eWallets were not widely adopted. All that changed following a nationwide lockdown, when businesses were forced to close on-site operations. The government devised initiatives to assist the local SMEs and MSMEs, urging Malaysians to adopt digital transactions and eWallets.

This led to an eWallet battle royale with competitors owning bigger war chests, all vying for the attention and pockets of Malaysians. The challenge for Boost was to ensure it remained relevant. To make this a reality, Boost had to get these things right:

i) Engage and retain their existing user base
ii) Acquire new users
iii) Drive Gross Transaction Value (GTV)
iv) Help shift MSMEs online

The Strategy

1. Derive insights from XACT, ADA’s proprietary data DMP

We managed to identify specific B40 COVID-19 crisis personas and worked towards meeting their needs. These personas were: Adaptive Shoppers, The Bored Homebody, The Health Nut, and The WFH Professional.

2. Using GWI (Audience Insight Tools)

We found that endorsements by celebrities are 1.5 times more likely to persuade our users to use our brands. This insight was central to our idea of getting KOLs to promote the brand and engage with our users.


The Execution

1. Campaign 1: #KasiTambah Amazing Rewards

We pushed out content that highlights different merchants, product offerings, and the value of each deal. Boost users will get to enjoy discounts, vouchers, earn Boost coins, cashback, and more.

2. Campaign 2: #KasiTambah Online Boost Days

Based on our data, Boost was able to create bespoke content and deals. Social postings were customised, while our media buys targeted specific platforms each of the personas visited frequently. We also engaged with a local personality to create a brand video that utilises humour to promote various promotions and deals.

3. Campaign 3: #KasiTambah Power MSMEs

To shift MSME businesses online, Boost worked with the government to help digitalise their business and lend them a hand with free ads and cash incentive as well as cashback for their customers.


The Results

  • 12x of growth in new users

  • 68% increase in driving lapsed users

  • 2x of increase in weekly transactions


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