ADA for Marketing

Award-winning digital experts committed to business results

Integrated media & content strategies for better customer acquisitions

Fully-integrated solution, from media optimization to tech and analytics

Data and tech-led media experts

Build better strategies based on real consumer sentiments and insights to inform your content and CX execution. Develop hyper-targeted strategies based on your campaign goals and recommendations of key metrics.

Data-driven creatives at scale

Data-driven personalisation at scale. Leverage consumer behaviour to execute targeted advertising campaigns via social media and programmatic channels. 

End-to-end website and app optimisation for seamless CX

Optimise your App store using On-Page techniques, third party consultation, and follow the best practices and checklist for App store ranking.

Data unification & single customer view

Customer Data Platform (CDP) and data visualisation go beyond  analytics and allows you to improve business performance by pulling all your data into one place. A single customer view unifies and consolidates customer data to help you strategise your next move.

Tap into data to paint a better picture of your customers

Make informed decisions and plot your marketing strategy with digital footprints of over 360+ million online users, using attributes such as affluent level, telco carrier, and interests.

Dedicated specialists and consultants to drive your business strategy

From brand love to website performance, our consultants piece together the puzzles of your business so you could deliver outstanding results to your organisation and consumers.

MarTech 2023

Set yourself up for a successful 2023 with smart MarTech investment

Audience-first marketing services and technology

Managing every facet of your online sales can be challenging. Businesses constantly need to drive traffic, manage customer experience, optimise conversions, create content that engages, and so on.

We offer a full range of solutions that are capable to integrate with your existing eCommerce services.

ADA for Marketing

Award-winning digital experts committed to business results

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