WhatsApp for Instant OTP Authentication


What is OTP? 

A One-Time Password, or OTP, is a unique code generated by a separate device or service, typically a mobile app. It is used as a security measure to authenticate a user's identity and prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information or systems. OTP is increasingly common in online banking, eCommerce, and other applications where security is critical. Normally, these passwords are sent via SMS or, in some cases, email. Nowadays, companies have found a way to incorporate WhatsApp as an app in which their users can receive their OTPs.


How to use WhatsApp OTP? 

With the use of the WhatsApp Business Platform, companies can now have communication with their customers that is both secure and convenient in both directions. This method requires the user to have a WhatsApp account linked to their phone number, and the OTP is sent to the WhatsApp account instead of the conventional SMS or email. To utilise WhatsApp for instant OTP authentication, the user first starts the login process on the relevant application or website, which triggers a request to be sent to their registered phone number. The user subsequently receives a notification via WhatsApp that includes the necessary OTP code to finalise the login process. This not only applies to account registration but other aspects as well such as account recovery and validation of integrity.


Benefits of using WhatsApp for instant OTP authentication 

Using WhatsApp for instant OTP authentication provides several benefits over receiving OTP via SMS or email: 

  • Enhanced security  

One of the primary benefits of using WhatsApp-based OTP is the enhanced security it provides. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to protect messages sent between users. This means that the message is encrypted on the sender's device and can only be decrypted on the recipient's device, making it more difficult for third parties to intercept or access the OTP code. SMS and email-based OTP codes, on the other hand, are sent in plain text and can be intercepted or read by third parties. 

  • Convenience 

WhatsApp-based OTP is more convenient for users because it eliminates the need to have access to their SMS or email account to receive the OTP code. This can be particularly useful when travelling, as the user may not have access to their phone network or email. With WhatsApp-based OTP, if the user has access to the internet, they can receive the OTP code through their WhatsApp account.


Switching to WhatsApp for instant OTP authentication 

Using WhatsApp for OTP authentication offers more enhanced features compared to traditional methods such as SMS or email. With end-to-end encryption, real-time delivery, and easy accessibility through the WhatsApp app, users can feel more secure and confident in their online transactions. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more innovative and secure ways of authentication that prioritise the user's experience and security.

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