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Guide to WhatsApp Chatbots for Customer Engagement

Guide to using WhatsApp chatbots for customer engagement

Invest in WhatsApp chatbots now to transform your customer experience.

Customer expectations have changed. With digital consumption and demands for 24/7 service on the rise, businesses are struggling to keep up – all while ensuring customer interactions are personalised, human-like, and conversational. The Guide to WhatsApp Chatbots for Customer Engagement provides marketers and support teams with ideas on how to automate and design conversational chatbots via WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in Asia Pacific.

In this guide, brands can learn more about:

  • Why WhatsApp is key for customer care and marketing
  • How WhatsApp chatbots work
  • Practical use cases for WhatsApp automation
  • Why ADA’s WhatsApp chatbots are different

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