Campaign Beyond Clicks: Acquire Customer with Zero-Risk

Why businesses need to deep dive into the customer acquisition funnel?

Problems with digital customer acquisition

Nothing good comes easy. Customers sit at the heart of every business and yet, acquiring customers in the digital space is a highly challenging endeavor. Reality shows that the road can be long-winded. Identifying the right audience is only half the journey, the other half depends on other things such as campaign strategy, creative assets, or budget allocation. Simultaneously, let us not forget about the existing customers and the efforts required to retain them.

Frequently, brands invest significant funds into customer acquisition campaigns using various methods, only to achieve underwhelming outcomes. Added to these challenges, increasing cost on various digital channels and tighter industry competitions have made devising the right strategy paramount.

Here at ADA, we understand this struggle and we are on your side. That is why we develop a zero-risk solution that can drive meaningful business growth for you. What makes this even better is that you are only required to pay when your business goals are successfully achieved.

Everything comes at a price. But it is no longer just about how much you are willing to pay.

What acquisition model is

We are proud to introduce the Consumer Acquisition Model (CAM), ADA’s proven solution that delivers measurable business outcomes by utilizing AI, technology, and data. It employs an audience-led approach that drives every stage of the model.


With CAM, growing your business comes with zero-risk, as it goes beyond surface-level metrics and delves deeper into the consumer funnel. Leveraging our vast segmentation data, this model enables us to devise a tailored approach that effectively captures the ideal target audience for your business. 

Our confidence in CAM means we assume the entire media risk on your behalf while you get to enjoy the full advantage of this solution. This is a rare opportunity exclusively offered by ADA.

How ADA's acquisition model works

CAM’s first phase is a learning phase. Within 6 to 8 weeks, the model learns about your business, audience segments, current acquisition sources and digital analytics tools set up at the backend. Afterwards, it determines the quality of current outcome (e.g. cost per acquisition) and recommends the best strategy to use moving forward.

The second phase is about growth and scale. We implement the strategy based on the insights gathered in the first phase and keep optimizing it to boost traffic to your website or mobile app. Only those who convert into new users or make transactions are then considered as successful outcomes.


ADA Performance Strategy will always lead by audience first. Keeping curated audiences in front, we will use different media mix to reach out to a potential consumer via any digital channel.


The Consumer Acquisition Model produces digital-led business outcomes that our valued clients have benefitted from. Amongst which are a fintech company that enjoys a 779-daily-registration average, a quick-serving restaurant brand that welcomed 102,000 new customers during its campaign period, and a bank scaling up through its Gen-Z-targeted mobile-app adoption.

At ADA, we understand the nooks and crannies of the digital space. Our experiences enable us to offer tailored solutions that will lead customers toward your front door.


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