Global mattress manufacturer named top-performing brand on Shopee with effective performance marketing

The Challenge

Founded in 2003, our client specialises in bedding products such as mattresses. Present in Vietnam since Q3 2020, our client found itself pitted against established local competition who had more than 10 times the number of showrooms. The purchase decision of a mattress is considered a substantial investment; one where buyers prefer to head directly to showrooms, have access to display units, and speak to a sales consultant directly. Furthermore, Vietnamese are known to prefer mattresses made of natural latex over spring and foam mattresses, which were the flagship ranges. The latter is perceived as unconventional, untried-and-untested.

The Strategy

  • Understanding online and offline consumer journeys

We segmented our campaign according to 3 key factors: How can customers find us, What can we offer them, How to convince them to purchase the mattresses now rather than later.

  • Maximising organic traffic into the stores 

We maximised organic traffic through a 3-phase approach. The audiences acquired from previous awareness campaigns will also be channelled into the Prospecting audience pool.

  • Replicating in-store purchase experience

We replicated the in-store purchase experience to online stores with the customer journey store flow and hero images.

The Execution

  • Making the products visible

We chose to use the “keyword bidding tool” on Seller Centre to focus this effort. We segmented the keywords bidding process into 3 phases and further optimised it.

  • “Stop the scroll” 

To grab the attention of shoppers, we highlighted the essentials: Hero image, official store logos, critical information of the mattresses such as the material, size, and warranty were displayed fully on the product page.

  • Create urgency

When customers find our products attractive, we convince them to make the purchase by offering free shipping vouchers, flash sales slots, and more.

The Results

  • Revenue increased close to double compared to previous year
  • Store followers increased by 10 times of compared to previous year
  • Customer interactions increased by 3 times
  • Our client was named the top-performing brand in the Home & Living category on Shopee
  • Successfully introduced spring and foam mattresses to the Vietnamese market

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