ADA Case Study

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Yoodo, an award-winning digital telco provider with ADA's digital marketing strategy

The Challenge

Established in January 2018, Yoodo is Malaysia’s first and only fully digital telco provider. The brand places the power in the consumer’s hands with fully customisable plans which allow users to adjust their data, voice, and SMS quotas according to preference. Up against numerous traditional industry giants and a general fatigue amongst consumers, this complicated landscape was both an opportunity and challenge for Yoodo. 

While Yoodo entered the arena with robust telco experience, they were also
an industry disruptor. A combination of the two gave them a unique edge – they could be as agile as they needed to be.

The Strategy

1. 0% media risk, 100% partnership

After Yoodo was launched, they needed customer sign ups — acquisitions. ADA introduced a bold acquisition model which focused purely on the outcome of all the media risk, and clients only pay upon successful acquisition of users.

2. Derive Insights from XACT, ADA’s proprietary DMP

Yoodo wanted to target the young and urban, with a skew towards digital and lifestyle trends. Based on consumers’ digital footprints, we set out to create multiple unique audience segments.

The Execution

1. The insights on targeted audience

Armed with data insights and analytics, we identified five different personas that were aligned with Yoodo’s brand identity, namely the Gamers, Tech Enthusiasts, Entertainment Lovers, International Travellers, and Sports Fans.

2. Create personalised content

We personalised every aspect of our campaign messaging, from the visual and copy right down to the platforms and locations that the audience were hanging out at. Different personas would see different versions of ads, customised based on our data.


The Results

  • 6,600 monthly activations from retargeting efforts

  • Monthly activations increased by 112%
  • 5% of install-to-activate ratio


  • Gold in Excellence in eSports Marketing category at Marketing Excellence Awards 2021
  • Gold in Most Effective Use - e-Sports Marketing category at Marketing Interactive MARKies 2021

  • Gold in Most Creative Use - e-Sports Marketing category at Marketing Interactive MARKies 2021

  • Gold in Best Marketing Discipline Campaign category at Marketing Interactive MARKies 2021

  • Gold in Government, Utility & Services category at Marketing Interactive MARKies 2021



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