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About Us

Who we are

ada was born as the dream team of digital startups that were being championed by Axiata Digital Services. Backed by Axiata Group Berhad and Sumitomo Corporation, we are a growing team of 350+ people comprising of data experts, growth hackers, advertising visionaries, number crunchers, across nine countries in South and South East Asia.

Our Vision

“To Make Our Customers And People Win”

Our Manifesto

At ada, it all begins with the Data.
Numbers, really. But numbers that paint pictures.
Pictures of people and how they live, travel, work and play.
Pictures of how they consume.
Pictures that tell us stories.
Armed with these staggeringly precise and insightful customer portraits
And our capability to seamlessly fuse data, media and creative
We are able to create and deliver compelling and persuasive campaigns
That deliver disproportionate business outcomes.
Outcomes that are not fluffy. Or vague.
Leads, acquisitions, conversions, and sales – data that measures client’s success
Because, you see, at ada, it all ends with the Data, too.

Our Values

To be at par with changing consumer trends and evolving brands, each day we rethink – we have to act now.

We #ActNow

Our way to be top in the game is through helping others reach their customers, it’s a win win strategy.

We are here to #WinWin

Today Digital Advertising is changing perceptions, molding behaviors and setting trends – at ADA, we don’t just sell Ads, we help shape up industries.

Together, we #ShapeIndustries

In past, people made educated guesses, today we help people take decisions – we believe data is future.

We are #DrivenByData

We aim for innovation and excellence and are always willing to disrupt the Status Quo.

We believe in being humble in our outlook, while staying hungry for our ambitions.



Meet our Leaders




Chief of Agency & COO

Fariq Cader

Chief Financial Officer


Head of adaAcquire

Stephanie Caunter

Head of Marketing

Bilal Waris

Head of Human Resources


Head of Data Science and Engineering

Vittorio Furlan

Head, Business Insights

Dai Yoshizawa

Head of Product


Country Director, adaReach Indonesia


Country Director, Indonesia


Country Director Malaysia and Singapore


Country Director Korea


Managing Director Bangladesh


Managing Director Sri Lanka

Hubert Marchand

Country Director Cambodia


Country Director Thailand

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