ADA is the largest company in Asia that integrates data, insights, media, and content to deliver business outcomes. Born out of strong telco roots and operating in 9 markets, we’ve developed a niche expertise in studying our consumers’ digital behaviours in these markets – all 350 million of them – to help our clients achieve their business goals.

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Harnessing Data into Outcomes

ADA uses data to connect three key areas to help businesses thrive.

Over 250 data scientists, programmers, machine learning and data engineers crunch data to provide insights, which the Business Insights team then uses to create tailored business, sales and marketing solutions to help solve business challenges. Dig deeper into our data here.

Being one of the largest integrated digital agencies in Asia, ADA creates highly targeted creatives that are strategised by our dedicated media planners and buyers. We work closely with clients to understand their objectives and set KPIs – the results are an array of prestigious industry award-winning campaigns. Read more about our Case Studies.

For businesses that need just that little bit more, we have a team of business and industry experts who work together with our data and business analysts to help find solutions, strategise corporate decisions, and fill business gaps. Learn how ADA Solutions can help your business today.



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Transform Your Business and Marketing Efforts with Data-driven Analytics and Insights

Want to find out how ADA can help your business with digital marketing solutions? We’d love to hear from you!