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We offer elevated digital advertising solutions, which combine the best of data science, media, technology, creative, and content. Think of your business proposal as Ceylon tea leaves and us as boiling water. Combined, we bring out the flavour (results) of your yet-to-be-realised ideas.


"We are glad to have partnered up with ADA as they are certainly a data-driven digital agency that helped us make better decisions and produce improved results."

-Chief Operating Officer, Swisstek Ceylon PLC/Group 

"At ADA Sri Lanka, data is at the core of everything we do. Thanks to a dynamic team of experts who don't back down from any challenge and are committed to raising the bar in terms of achieving KPIs, we exude an infectious enthusiasm that helps clients understand their pain points and offer workable solutions. As with a fine blend of Sri Lankan tea, we invest a lot of time and effort into developing the content ecosystem and elevating the business via distinctive and genuine flavours combined with continuously high standards and guaranteed quality."
Sanjini Munaweera Country Director, ADA in Sri Lanka
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