ADA leadership team

All for one, one for all

We are here for the same purpose, to build a great company and do the best for our people and customers. We band together for one another's benefit, as we move towards our common goal.

Country Leadership


Anurag Gupta

Interim Country Director, Singapore 


Januar Wismoyo

Country Director - CES, Indonesia


Faradi Bachri

Country Director, Indonesia


Melissa Cheng

General Manager, Malaysia


Dan Zonmani

Managing Director, Thailand


Mayi Baviera

Country Director, Philippines

South Korea

Ted Kim

Country Director, South Korea

Sri Lanka

Sanjini Munaweera

Country Director, Sri Lanka


Ashraful Haque

Country Director, Bangladesh

Executive Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Srinivas Gattamneni


Chief Operating Officer

Anurag Gupta


Chief Finance Officer

Fariq Cader


ADA for Marketing

Regional Head of Growth

Anthony Chan

Regional Director of Marketing Services

Hubert Marchand

Regional Head of Marketing Performance

Faradi Bachri

Regional Head of Creative

Richa Kapse Nair

Head of Consulting, Marketing Technology

Yih Cheng Yak

Head of Technology Services

Paritosh Tripathi

Head of Data Products

Dr. Chin Chin Wong

ADA for Commerce

Chief of eCommerce

Sherry Tan


Regional Head of eCommerce Growth

Kristine Nguyen


Head of eCommerce Special Projects

Simon Paterson


Regional  Operations Director, eCommerce

Wai San Chan


ADA for Customer Engagement

Managing Director, Customer Engagement Solutions

Januar Wismoyo


Head of OTT Messaging

Ramesh Kumareson


VP, Global Messaging Business

Matija Percan


Enablement Leadership

Regional Head of Strategy

Amanda Lye


Regional Head of Marketing

Lam Lai San


Regional Head of Human Resource

Priscilla Nathan


General Counsel, Legal

Syed Hafez Syed Hussain


Head of Corporate Development

Darrien Ong


Regional Director, IT

Sagar Shah


Country Director, Philippines

Mayi Baviera


Managing Director, Thailand

Dan Zonmani

Country Director, South Korea

Ted Kim

Regional Head, South Asia

Sanjini Munaweera

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