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Xin chào and welcome to ADA in Vietnam! Join us to grow your eCommerce business and we will help you win!

We are a group of young and dynamic digital natives who leverages our cross-market experience and data-driven capabilities to surprise you with a whole new business view, opportunities, tailored approaches to every business decision.

So if you are looking for a team that offers you a bespoke package with more efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we’re here to help!

ADA in Vietnam

5th floor – Fafilm Building
6 Thai Van Lung Street,
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Kristine Nguyen

Country Director, Vietnam

“Everyone you meet has something to teach you.” Cliché as it may be but Kristine is a strong believer that when we inspire people, we get to be inspired and learn more in return.

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Kristine Nguyen

Kristine is the Country Director in Vietnam for the eCommerce division. Her leadership mainly revolves around empowering people and recognizing their differences and unique perspectives. With these beliefs and values, Kristine was able to manage and provide eCommerce efficiency to many flagship stores in Vietnam through a range of eCommerce solutions and services that allow the brand’s sustainable eCommerce growth.

Looking back 6 years ago, Kristine’s career in eCommerce started from the bottom just like most aspiring eCommerce enthusiasts. Before taking up the position as Chief Executive Officer for Awake Asia Vietnam in May 2020, she started as a marketplace sales intern in Lazada until she became Local Category Manager and worked with brands in Watches & Jewellery, Home & Electronics category.

When she joined Awake Asia’s team as a regional head of business control from August 2019 to April 2020, she enhanced her skills in closing and onboarding, CRM, team set-up and key accounts management, strategic planning, opportunity analysis as well as cost & ROI optimisation.

Now, with ADA, she is willing to share her skills, knowledge, and expertise to deliver the same level of quality she always delivers.
Kristine also has an eye for beauty regardless of form. She loves to get some “Vitamin Green” during her travels and she is also a proud “plant momma”.