Ramadan 2020 Data Trends for Marketers

With Ramadan just around the corner, brands are racing to stand out in the busiest season of the year for marketers and digital marketing agencies alike. We dived deep into data analytics with XACT, our proprietary data  management platform and our Video Analytics and Creation Engine to uncover data trends that marketers should be looking at in Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh to optimise a dynamic marketing strategy grounded in data.

Download the Ramadan 2020 Data Trends for Marketers to help you better understand your target audience and craft effective digital campaigns during the Muslim’s holy month.

There are 240 million Muslims in Southeast Asia and 600 million Muslims in South Asia, representing a $2.2 trillion dollar market that  brands would be foolish to ignore. During this time brands often make the mistake of creating a single message that they simply flip from subdued to celebratory between Ramadan and the Eid al-Fitr festive period. Brands ignore that Ramadan can be a journey full of changes in consumer behaviour, emotions and needs, and in doing so fail to connect with their target audience.

7 Ramadan 2020 Trends for Marketers in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

  1. Travel to hometowns is common – but travel patterns may differ by country.
  2. Visits to mosques, prayer rooms and  cemeteries shift.
  3. The usage of religious apps fluctuates.
  4. Muslims start eating out less.
  5. Last minute buying of big-ticket items.
  6. Muslims are searching for different content at different times.
  7. Avoid the clutter when uploading videos.

What does this mean for marketers?

There is no one-size fit all solution when it comes to marketing during this season. People have different needs, interests and pain points that go through lulls and peaks throughout the season that brands need to take into account when crafting their digital marketing strategy. In order to connect with Muslims during this period, marketers need to make sure they are serving the right message at the right time backed up by data science. Otherwise, they’d run the risk of being disconnected or wasting valuable marketing dollar on a blanket approach and hoping that something sticks.

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