Trended Availability

Understanding Trended Availability

Trended Availability to Purchase (ATP) 

This report features a graph that lets users visualise trends in the products’ availability to purchase. The chart can be viewed daily, weekly, or monthly. 

ADA Digital Shelf Trended Availability to Purchase (ATP)

Information included in the graph: 

  • Seller Name 
  • Seller ID 
  • Number of SKUs with In Stock 
  • Number of SKUs with Out of Stock 
  • Date Trend 

Hovering over the points on the graph show accurate numbers for what’s in-stock and out of stock for each platform.

ADA Digital Shelf Trended Availability to Purchase (ATP)

Trended Product Level ATP 

This report features a tabulated list of products that tracks in-stock and out-of-stock items over a 6-day time period. 

ADA Digital Shelf Trended product level ATP

Information included in the table includes: 

  • Product Name 
  • SKU 
  • Brand 
  • Brand ID 
  • Seller Name 
  • Seller ID 
  • Product Link / URL 
  • Stock Availability 
  • Date 

Clicking on a specific date lets the user view the last 6 days of the selected date (left), and the user has an option to search for the product via search bar (right). 

All insights for Trended Availability are available for download by clicking the button next to “Learn More.” 

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