The Future of Mobile Marketing Measurement & App Growth

As the shift towards privacy gathers pace, brands will have to prepare for a future where online advertising yields radically different results. Most current knowledge around conversion, retargeting, and performance measurement may be obsolete in only a few years.

Despite these challenges, mobile use among consumers continues to gather pace globally. As it stands, almost 90% of time spent on mobile is spent on a mobile app. Although the future is still being written on digital privacy, brands don’t need to be caught on the backfoot, and it’s not too late to prepare for a privacy-centric future.

For starters, marketers can take a step back by understanding their entire app marketing funnel. It’s crucial to map out the end-to-end user journey from initial exposure down to retention – especially when there are increasing restrictions on the type of data marketers can track.

And when it comes to mobile measurement, brands have to cover all the bases. Tracking app downloads is only the beginning – marketers also need to account for granular user behaviour on the app, such as frequency of daily logins as well as bounded and unbounded retention rates.

Marketers can revamp their app user growth strategy with the following eight-step process:

  1. Understand potential users and create target segments of people who are likely to install.
  2. Develop personalised user acquisition plans for specific target groups and platforms.
  3. Optimise user journeys in the landing page and in app stores to maximise click-through.
  4. Use high-quality content to educate and attract target customer segments.
  5. Invest app store and search engine optimisation to bump up app visibility in searches.
  6. Keep a close eye on post-launch metrics to learn what worked and scale up campaigns.
  7. Cultivate good app store rankings by proactively addressing user reviews and complaints.
  8. Continuously test and learn via different marketing approaches to acquire new users.

Additionally, these three pillars can help keep marketers on the right track:

  • Work with a mobile measurement partner (MMP). Ensure that every dollar of marketing spend is trackable. Set up in-app events to monitor the entire customer journey from registration to transaction.
  • Create personalisation across the funnel. Leverage differentiated messaging for each user segment based on their position in the customer journey as well as the overall lifecycle. For example, a power user who logs in consistently for six months could be automatically eligible for loyalty rewards, while a user who’s on the brink of churn could be offered a perk to stay.
  • Continue engaging users and iterating. Engagement doesn’t stop at the point of app install. Maintain a regular but personalised cadence of messages to encourage users to continue deriving value from the app.

In an era of data abundance, being data-driven means building trust with customers around data usage and privacy. Marketers looking to leverage data should ensure their ecosystem partners are similarly invested in creating the best experience for users while respecting their preference on data tracking.

Learn how to grow your mobile app by watching the full video from our Re.Con on-demand webinar.


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The Future of Marketing Measurement and App Growth

This session dives into the impact of data privacy policies towards our measurements within the marketing realm. We also talk about how this affects app growth and will be going through a checklist to scale your apps up.


Ronen Mense

President, AppsFlyer

Arfaqul Alam Ribo

Regional Director, Growth Acquisitions, ADA