Take Your Digital Customer Experience to the Next Level

In today’s crowded online marketplace, brands have to shout to be heard – and even that’s no guarantee. What’s more, product offerings are becoming undifferentiated, forcing marketers to turn to the one thing which can help them stand out and create a lasting impression: a robust digital customer experience (CX).

According to McKinsey, brands which focus on delivering personalised experiences see higher customer satisfaction and revenue on average. And as consumers continue to boost spending on digital channels, marketers are leveraging digital experience platforms (DXPs) to automate, optimise, and keep track of their interactions across all touch points in the path to purchase.

What is a DXP?

why brands need a DXP
Source: Optimizely

According to Gartner, DXPs provide an integrated solution to help organisations align their channels, manage their content, and ensure consistent digital experience is delivered to customers every time. 

Most DXPs provide the following features within a marketing use case:

  • Content management
  • Commerce management 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Insights and analytics
  • Personalisation and automation 
  • Content experimentation
  • API and integrations 
  • Asset management

A DXP should be flexible enough to add and decouple features as needed, enabling the solution to be customised to the needs of each brand.

How to Use a DXP?

how DXP add value digital customer journey
Source: Bright Vessel

Implementing a DXP starts with mapping out the customer journey to gain insights on how they currently move across channels and touch points. The customer journey is typically made up of numerous moving parts on multiple channels, and often isn’t a linear path. That complexity is compounded by the fact that brands have to serve different customer segments and their needs via a myriad of touch points, all while providing a consistent look, feel, and experience.

DXPs help with the above by providing a coordination and customer intelligence function. They allow teams involved in delivering the digital experience to work together on a common platform, while also capturing customer data to give brands a 360-degree view of their customers that can help generate insights for activation down the line.

Revolutionising CX With Optimizely

Optimizely DXP
Source: Optimizely

Optimizely’s cloud-based DXP empowers brands to drive personalisation at scale based on their needs, and it can get campaigns off the ground two to three times faster than other DXP solutions. Some of their digital experience solutions include Content Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Intelligence Cloud, and Full Stack Experimentation, which enable brands to deliver compelling content and experiences as well as transform data into actionable insights for boosting customer engagement.

In addition to inter-operability with iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Android, Optimizely’s user interface has bulk publishing, on-page editing, and drag-and-drop features, allowing their tools to be used across the organisation without developer interventions. Workflow and approval features give dispersed teams the opportunity to collaborate seamlessly and to ensure that campaigns obtain the proper sign-offs before going live. 

ADA x Optimizely

If focusing on CX is the winning strategy for 2022, then it’s high time for marketers to adopt the right tools and technology. By partnering with Optimizely and ADA, brands can draw deep insights from a single customer view and deliver a truly delightful digital experience for customers – all from a single, comprehensive platform.


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