Search Overview

Customers find products in online stores through search capabilities provided in a store’s website. It is essential for a product to show up on the first page of a platform’s search results. 

  • More than 80% of the clicks are on the first page 
  • Not being on the first page means being invisible online 

ADA Digital Shelf Total Keyword Seaches


ADA Digital Shelf provides search analyses through: 

  • Share of Category Shelf 

ADA Digital Shelf Share of Category Shelf


  • Share of Search 

ADA Digital Shelf Share of Search

All reports and insights are available for download by clicking the button next to “Learn More”. 


Search Rank Algorithm 

There are a set of factors that affect how brands perform in search. The following factors are crucial for brands to be visible on the results page as soon as customers search for certain products. 

What factor contribute to the search rank algorithm?

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