Case Study


Re- is a purpose driven F&B start-up in Singapore. Their healthy, plant-based snacks are made from all-natural, minimally processed and sustainably sourced supplies direct from their farms. Through the power of conscious consumers, they hope to create positive impacts for our planet and its people.


Even though some Singaporeans are conscious about sustainability still the mass awareness and actions are sorely lacking. Because of this challenge there were many questions in front of Re- such as how to educate Singaporeans about sustainability and break through a nation that’s all about convenience and speed.

These questions came with additional marketing challenges such as:


Limited budgets


Identifying the right people who will resonate


From zero to high awareness

In summary, we needed to build a community of like-minded conscious consumers for a new brand launch without spending media dollars.

The Approach

Putting into effect the collective power of small actions, we went with nano KOLs for macro results!

  • Why Nano KOLs?

    1. They typically belong to a very niche community which share the same values and interests.
    2. People trust and value the opinions of other people they are already kno, versus an advertisement
    3. They don’t do this for a living and will only feature partner brands they truly believe in.

    After mapping the values, we identified the most valuable communities to engage:

    • Primary: Foodies, health-focused, authentic, earth-loving, trendy, conscious consumers, and practice sustainable living.
    • Secondary: vegan, vegetarian, parenting and fitness.

    Our approach allowed us to amplify the brand into various communities at one shot.

    The devil lies in the details. Every touch makes a difference to Nano KOLs who pride themselves on their credibility, and Re- as a brand that is on a mission to do just that.


You are what you eat

“Our small, everyday actions can have a big impact.” belief was translated into each snack kit they received. Nano KOLs scan the QR on the pack and could trace different positive impact on the planet, farmers and their health as they snack.


Enable the communities

As each Nano KOL hails from different communities, their followers may engage differently to what Re- stands for. Thus our story was thoughtfully designed with the intention of highlighting various points that can be easily translated into captions for different communities.


Amplify our impact

Introducing the social way of sampling; our KOLs had the option of giving away to their followers if they like what we stand for. They can also decide how to do the giveaway. The same snack kit arrived in the homes of their winners and encouraged them to do the same sharing with their friends if they like what we have to offer.


This campaign could have cost Re- $95,000*. We did it without spending a single cent! Here’s how- Using the collective power of 25 nano KOLs, we successfully and significantly magnified the impact of the campaign and at zero engagement cost!


With only an average fan base of 4,290 followers, our mighty nano KOLs have collectively posted 19 Instagram posts and 68 Instagram Stories – which is a whopping 1,900% and 3,400% increase as compared to engaging just one mid-tier KOL!

Growing Community

On top of that, Re- has also gained a weighty follower growth of 28.9% and new-found healthy, sustainable snackers from all over the island!

Keeping the Love Real

Sentiments around Re- products were loaded with positivity, with 40% talking about how healthy and tasty our snacks are, and another 20% about Re-‘s brand beliefs and meaningful causes.

*assumption of an average of $5,000 per post charged by mid-tier KOL



in Instagram posts



in Instagram stories



in community growth