Ratings and Review Overview

Customers of an online store leave their feedback in the form of ratings and reviews. These have considerable effects towards the sales of the products on the relevant online store. ADA Digital Shelf monitors and analyses the users’ products’ ratings and reviews in the portfolio. 

ADA Digital Shelf Product Ratings Overview

There are 2 reports provided in the Ratings & Review Overview. 

Product Ratings 

This report shows the overall ratings of the product across the selected platforms. The percentage of all ratings is shown, next to the number of customers who left star ratings in the store. 



5 stars 

Customer is Very Satisfied 

4 stars 

Customer is Somewhat Satisfied 

3 stars 

Customer rating is Neutral 

2 stars 

Customer is Somewhat Dissatisfied 

1 star 

Customer is Very Dissatisfied 

Product Rating Percentage Computation: 

Total N-Star Ratings/Total Ratings = Percentage of N-Star Ratings 

ADA Digital Shelf Product Ratings Overview

Product Review 

This report shows the overview of product reviews across the products. There’s a number for the average number of reviews per product besides total reviews. Like the Product Ratings Overview, the percentage of all reviews are shown next to the number of customers who left reviews in the store. 

Percentage of Review Overview 


Percentage of >500 Reviews 

Number of >500 Reviews / Total SKUs 

Percentage of 150-500 Reviews 

Number of 150-500 Reviews / Total SKUs 

Percentage of 41-150 Reviews 

Number of 41-150 Reviews / Total SKUs 

Percentage of 0-40 Reviews 

Number of 0-40 Reviews / Total SKUs 

ADA Digital Shelf Product Review Overview

Included within the Ratings and Review module are more specified insights: 

  • Product Ratings: includes insights on average ratings, trended product ratings, the total number of ratings, top 5 rated products, bottom 5 rated products. 

ADA Digital Shelf Trended Average Ratings

  • Product Reviews: includes insights on the average number of reviews, the total number of reviews, and ratings & review actions. 

ADA Digital Shelf Average number of reviews

  • Follower Count: includes detailed insight into the user’s follower count. 

ADA Digital Shelf Follower Count

All reports and insights are available for download by clicking the button next to “Learn More”. 

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