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Ramadan 2021: Tips For Brands To Thrive

Understand shifts in consumer behaviour and how to adapt.

After a Challenging 2020, What Should We Expect In 2021?

In 2020, around 230 million Indonesian Muslims experienced their first Ramadan during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a tough situation for a communal society like Indonesia, where Ramadan and Eid always revolved around social and religious gatherings.

Last year was the first Ramadan where Indonesian Muslims had to miss group prayers in mosques, food bazaars, and the much-loved shopping mall spree. It was the first Eid without mass Eid prayers or house visits. It was the first time that ‘mudik’—the nation-wide tradition of travelling back to one’s hometown for Eid—was banned.

Despite the ‘mudik’ ban, 12% of Indonesian Muslims decided to return to their hometown anyway, as news of mass layoffs, salary cuts and dismissal of yearly Eid bonuses (THR) made its way into the news.

For many, Ramadan in 2020 was a sad and unsettling time. ADA’s social listening tools captured predominantly negative sentiments around the word ‘mudik’ and ‘Ramadan’ last year.

But what about Ramadan in 2021? We believe consumers are more prepared this year to adapt to the new normal of observing Ramadan and Eid. So, your brand should too.

This report provides our unique data-driven insights on how brands can thrive in the 2021 Ramadan season by adapting to shifting consumer behaviour.

The ADA Difference

There is no one size fits all when it comes to transforming your business digitally. Each business needs to understand exactly where its at and where it needs to go next.

As COVID-19 has hit the reset button on almost every facet of business, leaders now need to have honest conversations about what digitalisation will look like in each part of their organisation and what the major roadblocks will be.

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