Case Study

Precision Targeting Drives User Acquisition and Retention for Global Energy Company Amid Covid Travel Curbs | Malaysia

The Challenge

When COVID-19 lockdowns severely curtailed  nationwide travel in Malaysia, few petrol brands could escape  a shock decline in sales. This global energy solutions provider needed a way to connect with Malaysians and remain top-of-mind so consumers would choose them when it was safe to be on the road again.

The challenge to ADA was three-fold:  

increase customers
drive traffic to stations nationwide
position the brand as a high-quality provider with best-in-class fuels.

The ADA Approach

The first step was to geo-fence their fuel stations and  surrounding vicinities to identify the highest potential customers. By using ADA’s proprietary tools (XACT DMP and location dashboard), we were able to segment and target the following groups:

Competitor Loyalist
Competitors Switchers

High frequency visits to 'X' station but is also seen at competitors’ stations from time to time.

Only seen at competitor’s station.

Predominantly seen at one competitor station but also seen at other competitor’s stations from time to time.

Two Campaigns were launched with different objectives

Campaign 1:

A Campaign Rallying Malaysians To Support and Buy Local Brands To Stimulate Domestic Consumption

The first campaign was aimed at driving footfall to the client’s stations by offering special rebates with local brands when consumers spend a minimum of RM30 at their retail stores.

We then used VACE (ADA’s proprietary Video Analysis & Creation Engine tool) to produce hyper-targeted creatives at 10% of the cost and 10x faster. The creatives were produced based on specific formats that were identified to index higher on brand discovery and engagement (use plain English).

The Results

Overall uplift in brand health scores



Platform Benchmark

across multiple channels



New Customers



New Loyalists

Campaign 2:

A Campaign On Their Best Performing Fuel Product To Deliver A More Powerful, Responsive and Efficient Driving Experience for Malaysians.

The second campaign also targeted the pre-identified personas of Switchers, Competitor Loyalists and Competitor Switchers. The messaging revolved around the theme of driving with power and safety using quality fuel.  Customers could also redeem e-vouchers worth RM30 and above at their stations. The campaign successfully generated awareness and engagement on the newly launched fuel. The performance of the new fuel was also evaluated by customers through a series of blind tests. Carried out under real world conditions, the tests revealed that 2 out of 3 participants in the programme experienced better performance from the fuel compared to other premium fuels that they are currently using, validating all promotional claims.

The Results

Overall uplift in key business metrics include:



Platform Benchmarks

across multiple channels


awareness & Engagement

Better Vehicles Performance

by the public on the fuel product launch