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Personalised web and app user engagement with revolutionary AI-powered segments

Today, customers have higher expectations for brands to understand their wants and needs than ever before. To build lasting brand experience and promote long term loyalty, customers demand to be spoken to when the product or service is relevant to them.  

Only brands that treat their customers as individuals and not as a group of demographic or generation prevails in this competitive digital economy.

That’s where ADA x Insider‘s team of holistic digital experts come in – they develop engaging creatives, analyse first-party data, and segment machine learning models so that strategists can help unlock your revenue potential on your existing website or mobile app.

About Insider

Insider is recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for multichannel marketing hubs 2020 and is named #1 on G2’s mobile marketing software and personalisation grids. 

Insider has three major feature groups that allow companies to understand customer better by connecting to all data sources, predict the segmentation based on the collected behaviors, and individualise the engagement via various channels. 

ADA sees Insider as a powerful multichannel marketing solution that can allow companies to perform the test and learn about customer engagement over the web, app, email, and other channels (including LINE). Insider can understand the customers via its unified profile feature and has the AI capabilities to assign the audience segment to those users. 

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Discover the path to success for your business with our Business Goals Discovery and Customer Journey Discovery/Design Workshop. Our expert team will work with you to uncover your business objectives and map out the customer journey to ensure a seamless and impactful experience for your customers. Maximise your website's potential and stay ahead of the competition with our proven approach to design and strategy. 

Campaign setup for multi-channels engagement

Maximise your marketing efforts with our comprehensive campaign setup for multi-channel engagement. Our expert team will work with you to design and implement campaigns across multiple channels to reach your target audience and drive results. From social media to email marketing and beyond, we'll help you create a seamless and impactful marketing strategy.

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Data analytics & modelling

Uncover valuable insights and inform your decision-making process. From predictive modelling to data visualisation, we'll help you make sense of complex information and drive business success.

Campaign efficiency reporting

Track and measure the success of your marketing campaigns with ease. Our comprehensive reporting tools provide real-time insights into your campaign performance across multiple channels, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimise for maximum impact. Say hello to increased efficiency and improved campaign performance.

The ADA Edge

ADA has strong data science, analytics, and consulting team that can help customers develop the needed engagement journey to meet the expected business sales/marketing goals. ADA has certified solution consultants that can quickly set up the journey in the Insider orchestration tool to enable companies to engage their target customers in weeks. 


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