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Overtaking Loyal Customers From Competitors – ADA Solutions

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Overtaking Customers From Competitors

Vittorio Furlan, Head of Business Insights, ADA. 8 mins read

Market share for Brand X Oil and Gas has been on a steady decline, however this changed with the launch of their new fuels formulation in 2019. They managed to increase sales and close the gap, but how could they conclusively determine if they made a dent in the competitor’s market share, managed to win over customers from competitors and more importantly who are these new converts? Here’s where ADA’s solutions can help.

The Challenge

Brand X Oil and Gas is one of the leading oil and gas companies in the country with the highest number for petrol stations, an attractive loyalty program and strong local roots. However, year on year their market share has been experiencing a gradual decline resulting in a large gap between them and the market share leader Competitor 1.

They released a new RON95 fuels formulation to address the problem and the campaign was a success. Brand X Oil and Gas grew against the odds, in spite of a declining industry growth and declining growth for RON95.

But in order to over take the competition they needed to make sure that the increase managed to make a dent in their competitor’s marketshare.

Brand X VS Industry Results in 2019

The ADA Method

Brand X Oil and Gas aims to be the market leader by 2020 however their market share is now tracking behind the local market leader – Competitor 1. They needed to measure exactly where their new customers were coming from. Were they winning over customers from their competitors or just capturing new users to the fuel market? Were they converting loyal customers from their competitors or just those that switched around anyway according to promotional trends? Despite a successful campaign how could they determine who are their latest converts?

They needed to dive deep into data and draw real data-driven conclusions to accurately measure where their customers were coming from and ADA found the solution with 3 simple steps

Read on how ADA Solutions helped Brand X overcome their challenge

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