Case Study

Nord & Smith Audience Measurement Platform

In- Depth Audience Profiling Helps OOH Agency with Strategy Optimization

Nord & Smith is a media agency that owns and operates an Out-Of-Home (OOH) media buying platform in Indonesia—enabling advertisers to rent billboard advertising from multiple vendors.

As Indonesia’s outdoor media landscape becomes even more competitive—especially during the Covid-19 pandemic—Nord & Smith needed to up their game in analytics and reporting. They wanted an in-depth and comprehensive audience profile beyond the number of traffic, footfalls, or average dwell time from those who viewed their OOH advertisements in specific locations.

By understanding audience distribution and profiles around existing OOH sites, Nord & Smith could help advertisers optimise OOH investments and site selections.

Audience profiling, however, is something most OOH agencies struggle with, and most players resort to conventional research, like surveys. However, this method takes time, budget, and coordination—while the sample remains relatively small compared to the real audience population. Moreover, people’s responses could easily be skewed by how survey questions are framed or how the surveyor ask questions.

The Strategy

How ADA Helped Nord & Smith in Indonesia

ADA’s Business Insights could capture data beyond traffic and footfalls, including presenting specific variables ranging from:

  • Socio-economic demographics (gender, age, life stage, affluence)
  • Telco profile (carrier, device brand, model, year of manufacture, data usage)
  • Interests category (action, video, music, beauty, games, news, productivity, etc.)
  • Travel behaviours (business, leisure, outstation visitors, the home country of visitors, duration of stay, footfall by DOW, seasonality, etc.)
  • Persona (bookworm, health junkie, gamer, social butterfly, creative crowd, etc.)
  • Footfall Analytics (Total traffic and total unique device in time, daily weekly and monthly)
  • List of apps
ADA’s Xact Data Capability

When ADA learned about Nord & Smith’s challenges, we knew that our Business Insight solution could meet their needs.

Powered by ADA’s proprietary data management platform (DMP), XACT, we devised a strategy for Nord & Smith to exceed the results one could get from conducting nationwide research for audience profiling.

From October to December 2020, ADA segmented Nord & Smith audience based on their OOH locations. The objective was to capture real audiences who might be seeing an OOH in a specific area at a particular time–and obtaining information about their interests and behaviour.          

ADA utilises trackable digital footprints to identify locations where target audiences are frequently seen—while providing a deeper look into audience behaviours.

Having had raw data processed through ADA’s data models and artificial intelligence, the platform presents insights in a straightforward, visual format. In addition, clients can intuitively track audience mobility and behaviour through the platform’s ability to track digital footprints’ spatial and temporal changes.

How Xact Works


To help Nord & Smith profile their audience on specific OOH sites, we:

1. Identified catchment areas by geofencing densely-populated locations in the clients’ respective sites from 200m to 1km-radius (the standard geofencing of POIs is a 15km-radius).

2. Mapped favourable places of interest (POIs), in this case, Nord & Smith’s various OOH locations.

3. Utilised Identifier for Advertising (IFA) and other data points to gain a 360-degree customer view.

4. Visualised the data to enable Nord & Smith to filter results by the hour, day, time of the week, and state or district levels.

5. Increased accuracy by enabling Nord & Smith to zoom in to near street-level view with boxed grids of 200mx200m

With IFA technology, we managed to have a clearer and deeper audience view on who pass Nord and Smith’s certain OOH location in a particular time or period and captured their:

  • Socio-economic demographic: Capturing mobile traffic that pass-through OOH location by generating socio-economic demographics (affluence, carrier service, gender, age, life stage)
  • Interest: Capturing apps usage and preferences that show the audience’s interest and behaviour.
  • Footfall Traffic: Understanding mobile traffic based on footfall traffic during the campaign (daily, weekly, monthly).
ADA’s Business Insights Strategy

The Approach

  • Collect millions of audience data (compared to the standard research samples, usually only in thousands).
  • Slice traffic data by geofencing outdoor locations from 200m to 1km-radius (the standard geofencing of POIs is a 15km-radius) around specific OOH sites to capture the interests and behaviour of pass-through audiences.
  • Show how their advertiser’s campaign performed very well at Location 3 and poorly at Location 2 based on unique IFAs recorded in the OOH sites.
  • View the effectiveness of their OOH campaign by comparing pre-and post-campaign results and devising the appropriate strategies to capture potential customers effectively moving forward.
  • Conduct advanced targeting with a systematic technology that delivers quick results while preventing human errors.
  • Compile big comprehensive data on actual audience behaviours and demographics more accurately than the artificial-prone conventional research (as respondents might be aware they were being observed).
  • Capture footfall traffic trends on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis that couldn’t be achieved via conventional research with limited respondent samples.

Obtain a comprehensive audience profile with insights on their SES, interests, and behaviours based on a particular OOH location at a specific time.

By geofencing multiple OOH sites, Nord & Smith understood the different attributes of the individuals who are consistently seen within the vicinity of the identified sites.

For instance, Nord & Smith could see that OOH audiences around Jakarta’s MRT ASEAN      area were frequently using photo and video editing apps than other locations (where audiences generally access news portals, e-Commerce and productivity apps).

This indicated how audiences in particular areas have different apps usage patterns and this link to theirbehaviour.

The Results

By ADA’s Business Insights, we helped Nord and Smith achieve:

map overview

in provide vendor-agnostic and data-driven optimisation

audience profile identification

in optimisation OOH site selection

footfall patterns insights

in analyse budget and dates for propose an optimal OOH media buying plan

 The success of this campaign demonstrates the value of ADA’s data-first approach to deliver impactful business value for clients.