Case Study

Multi-Messaging Campaign Proves to be a Winning Strategy for Celcom Xpax

The Challenge

The mobile prepaid category is a highly competitive space with no shortage of options for consumers. With such a saturated market and competing brands rolling out more appealing packages for the prepaid segment, Celcom Xpax (Xpax) would need to address the market with effective force and strategy.

When the country went into lockdown, the need for data increased and sparked a period in which brands were throwing free data to their users. As the largest network operator in Malaysia, Xpax saw this as an opportunity to first and foremost, regain lost market share as well as win over new users to increase their market share.

Having the widest network, Xpax first looked at areas where they have the strongest network strength i.e lowest latency to start converting users who are experiencing the network at its best.  However, as different segments and personas use their network data differently, Xpax needed to create multi-messaging campaigns to showcase its best features.

The Idea

People were stuck at home and were online much more during lockdown. To appeal to consumers, Xpax had to showcase the relevance of their packages based on increased usage. Drawing on the insight that during the lockdown we are physically limited, our idea was that Xpax consumers can enjoy “Hidup Tanpa Had” (Life Without Limits) despite the lockdown.

But who were these people looking for life without limits?

When we looked into data from XACT (ADA’s proprietary Data Management Platform) coupled with Xpax’s high network usage, we found 6 key personas that fit the intended target audience:

1. E-Bizz Whizz: Business owners who rely on high data to sell products.

2. Social Butterflies: Constantly on their social apps.

3. Die Hard Gamers: Games day and night, usage peaks at night.

4. Movie Lovers: High usage of streaming apps.

5. Rhythm Mania: Extended usage of music apps.

6. Beli-Holics: Online shoppers who constantly search for the best deals and are also fans of double digits days.

From here, we leveraged on VACE (Video Analytics & Creation Engine) to create hyper-personalised ads to feed to them based on their interests. To eliminate churn, we targeted areas where Celcom had the best connections and layered it with competitor’s users.

The Results

By anchoring the campaign on data and creative automation technologies, Xpax achieved:



market penetration and transactions in East Malaysia



completed view of video ad campaigns



in search category

 The success of this campaign demonstrates the value of ADA’s data-first approach to deliver impactful business value for clients.