Mobility Analytics

Understand, Predict, and Influence how over 1 Billion People Shop Offline

ADA Analytics Powered by Cosmose AI allows you to understand the behaviour of consumers: Which stores they visit and if they purchased items, allowing you to target these individuals via digital platforms and bring them to you.


Stores that belong to your brand and your competition, and analyse consumers footfall trends.


Any selection of brands or stores.


Who are your customers, which stores they visit most often, which competitors you should pay attention to and where to open a new store?

Deep Dive

Into where the most frequented aisles or areas within a store or a petrol kiosk.


Using predictive shopping Ai, predicts when, where and who will go shopping.

No Hardware Installation

No need for costly specialised hardware.


Ecosystem of 1 Billion+ smartphones and 360,000+ offline stores.


1.6 meters positioning accuracy.


Our Mobility Analytics will translate into the following 3 solutions:

SDK Installation

Integration of our SDK into client’s mobile app for client to understand their consumers and run real-time push notifications.

ADA Analytics Powered by Cosmose

This tool allows the user to understand the traffic at their stores and their competitors’ stores.

ADA Media Powered by Cosmose

This tool allows the user to target and advertise to consumers based on the preselected criteria.

Case Studies

See how ADA Mobility Analytics has helped businesses reach new customers in the real world.

Drive Traffic to a Fashion Brand’s outlet

Over 3,000 new customers were acquired from an audience of over 600,000, who have visited the brand and their competitors’ stores.

Increased footfall during COVID-19 for a mall

Over 13,000 more customers visited the mall as a result of ads targeting customers daily commuting habits.

Patrons for a luxury F&B experience in Japan

Over 1,600 new diners were acquired as a result of ads targeting customers travel and dining habits.

Gain more customers with ADA Mobility Analytics

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