Mobile Intelligence Solution

AI-powered solution to help you drive effective and strategic decision making


A dashboard that can illustrate current industry trends at a granular level, giving you insight on your customers’ online, and offline behaviour.

Actionable Insights

Insights that enables you to link your 1st party data with 3rd party data we gather using XACT, ADA’s proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) to bring you these datasets:

  • Top Performing Device Models
  • Customer Online Behaviour
  • Device Age & Models
  • Demographics
  • Customer Offline Behaviour

Consulting Services

We approach with an agile management consulting framework that is build according to our client’s data maturity as well as their needs and purpose in optimising the vast amount of data they have. Some of our consulting expertise include:

  • Data Strategy
  • Campaign Ideation and Performance Optimisation
  • Location Planning


The tools that power ADA’s Mobile Intelligence Solution:

Mobile business insights dashboard bi tools

Mobile Business Insights Dashboard

The ultimate tool that helps mobile device manufacturers monitor their market share against that of their competitors.

Location Planning

A heatmap tool that displays the density of a target audience in a particular location. Improve marketing strategies and grow your business by identifying your business hotspots, consumer lifestyles, and behaviours.

Mobility Analytics

ADA Analytics Powered by Cosmose AI allows you to understand the behaviour of consumers: Which stores they visit and if they purchased items, allowing you to target these individuals via digital platforms and bring them to you.

Need a tailored Mobile Intelligence Solution?

Our business insights experts are ready to understand your business pain points to create a customised solution for your specific business challenges.