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Mobile Business Insights Dashboard


Mobile Business Insights Dashboard (Mobile BID)

The Who, What, When, and Where for mobile device manufacturers

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The ultimate tool that helps mobile device manufacturers monitor their market share against that of their competitors.

With one of the largest data sources in the Asian Region, we are able to track mobile devices, make, model, carrier, and over 200 raw and derived attributes. This means that it is now possible to see what devices are being used where – at a country level, city level, right down to a geohash level.

The Mobile Business Insights Dashboard (Mobile BID) is a dashboard designed to help mobile device manufacturers protect and gain market share.

Insights to Action

Know your customers and your competitors

Strategically locate dealerships

Discover people interested in your mobile devices

Employ data-driven product strategy

Utilise insights to drive marketing campaigns

Optimise marketing campaigns

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