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Location Based Marketing & Out of Home Advertising

Uncover insights on WhoWhat, When, Where and Why of target audience to better understand consumer behaviour and strategise effectively.

Discover underserviced ‘hot’ locations

Unlock hard-to-reach respondents

With our targeted survey solutions, reach out to respondents in hard-to-reach locations, such as gated and guarded residential areas, condominiums, malls, and commercial areas which require consent such as petrol stations and hotels.

Identify relocation opportunities ​

Gain a competitive edge for your brand

Wondering if an outlet is doing well or struggling to stay afloat in a particular area? Get easy access to millions of product key information with just one tool for your products to stand out. We provide insights-driven solutions for your brand in all major platforms across markets. 

Amplify OOH advertising reach

Unlock global product insights

Analyse products across multiple online retailers in different countries using global filters and easy-to-use navigation. Deliver superior insights to optimise your products, increase revenue, and expand the presence of your brands with our advanced analytics​.

Optimise event marketing campaigns

Empower your regional & local teams

ADA Digital Shelf is structured through a category funnel – so your regional team can get a macro perspective across brands in multiple countries while the local teams are able to execute.



Frequently Asked Question

What is location-based marketing?

Location-based marketing is a strategy that uses a person's physical location to deliver targeted advertisements or promotional messages to their mobile devices.

How does location-based marketing work?

Location-based marketing uses location data from a user's mobile device to determine their current location. Marketers can then deliver relevant ads or promotions to users based on their location.

What are the benefits of location-based marketing?

Location-based marketing offers several benefits, including increased foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, targeting potential customers in real-time, and personalising marketing messages based on location.

What types of location-based marketing are there?

There are several types of location-based marketing, including proximity marketing, which uses beacons or geofencing to deliver targeted messages to users based on their proximity to a specific location, and geotargeting, which delivers ads or promotions based on a user's location.

How can marketers use location-based marketing strategies?

Marketers can use location-based marketing strategies by analysing location data, targeting customers based on their current location, and delivering personalised offers or messages to their mobile devices.

What is geofencing in location-based marketing?

Geofencing in location-based marketing is using virtual boundaries or "geofences" to trigger the delivery of targeted ads or promotions when a user enters or exits a specific location.

What is geotargeting in location-based marketing?

Geotargeting in location-based marketing is the practice of delivering ads or promotions based on a user's specific location. This can include targeting users based on their city, zip code, or even their exact GPS coordinates.

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