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Marketing | Consumer insights

Gain access to advanced eCommerce marketplace intelligence tool

Analytics designed for your business. View competitors' daily transactions and revenue growth alongside consumers' sentiment for your brand. The unfair advantage you need to win at marketplaces. 

Analyse millions of pages across marketplaces

With ADA Digital Shelf, you will have visibility into your inventory in real-time. The only tool you need to accelerate your eCommerce growth with actionable insights and analytics.

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Drive your strategies & actions through data-driven insights​

Enhance brand performance & outpace competition

ADA Digital Shelf is a cutting-edge eCommerce analytics tool that helps boost your brand performance by providing you data and insights.

Stay ahead of the competition and overcome the dynamic business challenges in the digital world.

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Monitor your brand performance across countries​

Track your product's market presence globally

ADA Digital Shelf gathers key competitive data and insights so you can strategise accordingly to stand out. We provide insights-driven solutions for your brand in all major platforms across markets. Have easy access to millions of product key information with just one tool.

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Experience connected eCommerce analytics​

Streamline eCommerce analysis across multiple online retailers & countries

Analyse products' performance and availability across multiple online retailers in different countries with global filters and easy-to-use navigation. Deliver superior insights to optimise your products, increase revenue, and expand the presence of your brand.

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Built for experts & novices​

User-centric digital shelf system

The user is at the heart of what we do. We structured ADA Digital Shelf through a category funnel. With local and regional capabilities, your regional team can get a macro perspective across brands in multiple countries, while the local teams are able to execute plan and strategies simultaneously.

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