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Vittorio Furlan - Head of Business Insights ADA


Vittorio Furlan, Head of Business Insights



Vittorio Furlan

Vittorio leads Business Insights, a team dedicated to providing data driven solutions to gain positive business outcomes. Working closely with data analysts, data scientists, business consultants and industry experts, he uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, builds data lakes and analytics centres of excellence – with the aim to drive better decision making in the corporate world.

As a management consultant, he has worked with clients to define and implement their digital, data and analytics strategy. Among his accomplishments, he has helped banks to drastically improve customer experience, telcos to make use of their data and education providers to improve students’ performance.

He came to Malaysia to drive the growth of EY Data and Analytics where he created a full-fledged practice offering strategy, data science & engineering, and big data solutions.

On a personal note, he is a strong believer of “mens sana in corpore sano” – a Krav Maga practitioner, a trail runner and a biker even. A global citizen, he is fluent in English and Italian – has lived in Europe, UK, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand and holds impressive credentials from Computer Science degrees to MBAs.