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Location Planning

Pinpoint Your Customers and Leverage Their Behaviours to Grow Your Business

Uncover Mobility Patterns

Visualise target group mobility through interactive heatmaps.

Identify Places-of-Interest (POIs)

Discover areas where competition is low and target high audience density.

Classify Time-based Differences

Drill-down on weekdays vs weekend hotspots, or identify popular home or work locations of your target audience.

Define Audiences

Dive into target audience profiles based on customised layers of consumer attributes. (e.g. affluence, interests, behaviour)

About the Tool

Location Planner is a heatmap tool that displays the density of a target audience in a particular location. Improve marketing strategies and grow your business with identifying your business hotspots, consumer lifestyles and behaviours.

How Location Planning Reshapes Your Business Outcomes

Discover underserviced ‘hot’ locations

Build business presence in neglected areas with high target audience density.

Identify relocation opportunities

Turn underperforming stores into top contenders by relocating stores to locations with high audience concentration.

Optimise event marketing campaigns

Plan event campaigns around specific customer profiles, taking into consideration their behaviours and preferences.

Gain Competitive Knowledge

Identify competitors and gain knowledge that will allow you to form strategies to better compete.

Leverage on partnerships

Enable market penetration through geo-strategic distribution partners frequented by your target customers.

Amplify OOH advertising reach

Identify OOH opportunities and optimise OOH placements to increase brand awareness to the right audience.

Pinpoint Customers with ADA Location Planning

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