Case Study

Intent Marketing Delivers 216% Increase In Optimised Sales

Driving revenue for Ghoori Learning, a digital learning service in Bangladesh

The Scope

The world is shrinking at an accelerated rate with new cross border connections being built every day. In today’s world the importance of learning English as the international language cannot be understated. Despite the language becoming increasingly important the standard of English may have fallen since Bangladesh’s independence in 1971. Although English is a compulsory subject that is taught in schools it is often regarded as a fearsome and difficult subject amongst students and teachers alike. This is largely due to the fact that learning to listen and speak in English requires Bangladeshi students to practice in a crowded classroom which inspires fear that leads to a dislike for the subject altogether.

Considering the current climate in Bangladesh that’s where Ghoori Learning, a fully digital learning service sought to appeal to the need of Bangladeshis with easy English programmes. The product, however, can be difficult to sell as not every consumer would be willing to invest the time it takes to learn a second language and to battle against the natural drop in language learning ability after a certain age. Hence it’s essential to target a specific set of customer and here’s where ADA can help.


Uncovering specific target audiences and personas that have high intent towards learning English online


Recruit customer to purchase Ghoori Learning’s English language programmes

The Strategy

Instead of diving head first we took a step back and looked at data to lead the way. Combining data from several sources developed a holistic view of the target audiences and personas that we wanted to reach. By delving into XACT, our proprietary data management platform, ADA’s social media listening tool, and other data sources we managed to uncover key insights that would influence the campaign’s targeting and the creative tonality of the campaign.

Interest Specific

Track consumers with interest in the product through monitoring app usage, especially language apps.


ADA’s Social Media Listening tool uncovered consumer sentiments of those with a high intent towards online learning.

Website Behaviour

Online traffic to English learning sites uncovered consumers who were already in the market for digital English courses.

By combining these data sets and the analysis of Ghoori Learning’s platforms and purchase channels we were also able to create a customer journey and funnel to better track and attribute a purposeful and sales-driven campaign.

The Execution

With tracking codes and a fully fledged funnel in place, we started looking at the essential insights that would inform our creatives. Turning back to our data and delving into consumer sentiments we tapped into specific insights that reveal different consumer mindsets that would encourage conversion.

Through our data analysis identified the digital spaces most frequently occupied by our target customers, and when they were most likely to convert. We also built personas around their online behaviour, interest and, intent. We used this to create conversion campaigns to drive high quality traffic at minimal cost. The campaign was also bolstered with a nurturing and retargeting campaign to further drive conversions from the traffic generated. Here’s the split of the personas and the creative served.

The Deal Seekers were served visuals that promoted the best value for money.

The High Streamers were able to watch a teaser video to promote the instructors.

The Results

Ghoori Learning’s funnel-based campaign achieved an

overall increase in sales at minimal cost



Users and Usage

216% increase in purchases during the campaign period.



in Monthly Active Users

105% growth of monthly active users compared to before the campaign period.




2.6 million web sessions from 890K unique visitors.



on Google Display

50x higher click through rate than average benchmark.



Return on Ad Spend

Purchases could be attributed back to the campaign well over 3 weeks after the campaign period.