Thought Leadership

ADA Telco Business Insights Report April 2020 | Industry Report

In this report, the country in focus is Thailand. Download your copy on the useful findings from the Thailand telco landscape.

ADA Telco Business Insights Report Q1 2020 | Industry Report

Every telecom report deep dives into a country in focus to document shifting trends and differences across the nine markets we operate in.

Ramadan during COVID-19

A data-driven look at how Coronavirus is changing consumer behaviours and the strategies Southeast Asian marketers should be implementing.

Ramadan 2020 Data Trends for Marketers

Timing and location matters. With XACT, we’ve uncovered 7 trends Marketers should be looking at in Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh to optimise a dynamic marketing strategy grounded in data.

2020 Outlook for Southeast Asian Marketers

76% of marketers told us that economic and customer growth will slow down in 2020 – but that doesn’t mean your brand has to suffer.