Create Agility with a Composable MarTech Stack

Create Agility with a Composable MarTech Stack

Marketers are pressured to deliver greater time to value (TTV) even with a less than ideal marketing technology stack that was inherited or locked in with a contract of 3 – 5 years. But it isn’t impossible – marketers can drive the agility that is required to deliver better conversion and customer lifetime value with the composable approach.  

Join ADA 's on-demand webinar to tackle the following topics together with Optimizely:

  • What is the composable approach? 
  • How can my brand get time to value with different levels of personalisation, data connection, and customer journey orchestration?  
  • How can my team increase our productivity even with lean manpower? 


Nicola Ayan

Director, Technology and Growth, Optimizely, Asia Pacific & Japan

Yih Cheng Yak

Head of Consulting, Marketing Technology, ADA


Create Agility with a Composable MarTech Stack

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