Case Studies

Fitne Collaborates with Pleng Music App to Reach 2.3 Million Customers | Reach Case Study | Cambodia

How Fitne’s strategic collaboration with Pleng Music App in Cambodia capitalised on 2.3 million customer engagement using mobile marketing.

Shifting Users from Brick and Mortar to Digital Banking | Banking Case Study | Indonesia

How ADA Achieved 50% Increase in Active Users for A Leading Indonesian Bank

55x ROI from Digital Marketing for E-Commerce Platform | Meenaclick Case Study | Bangladesh

Delivering 3x growth in sales for MeenaClick, an e-commerce platform in Bangladesh.

Raising Funds During a Pandemic | Global NGO Case Study | Singapore

Find out how a global NGO managed to pivot to digital to raise funds this Ramadan during the COVID-19 pandemic while achieving one of the highest number of donations to date!

Intent Marketing Delivers 216% Increase in Optimised Sales | Ghoori Learning Case Study | Bangladesh

Intent targeting helped generate a 216% increase in optimised sales with a 3x return on investment for language learning digital service in Bangladesh.

Robi Creatively Wins Hearts Through Data During the Pandemic | Robi Case Study | Bangladesh

Learn how an international luxury skincare brand in Thailand pivot from 80% offline sales to achieving 490% growth in online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acquiring Verified Leads for Insurance | AXA Mandiri Case Study | Indonesia

How we acquired 58% above the set target of verified leads for AXA Mandiri’s insurance services through SMS marketing.

Gaming Moms | Friesland Campina Case Study | Indonesia

How a startling insight helped us create 16% uplift in purchase intent for a dairy based product for toddlers in Indonesia.

Record-Breaking 60,000 Customers Engaged for Leading Seasoning Brand | Reach Case Study | Sri Lanka

Achieved a record-breaking 60,000 enquiries in a day for a seasoning brand’s latest engagement campaign in Sri Lanka.

Hassle-Free Sampling and Feedback Gathering for a Leading Detergent Brand | Case Study | Sri Lanka

How mobile marketing helped to gather over 50,000 reviews during a hassle-free product sampling exercise for a detergent brand in Sri Lanka.

Instant Real-Time Results with Mobile Marketing for Honda | Automotive Case Study | Sri Lanka

Learn how mobile marketing helped a car manufacturer reach 70% of attendees at the recent Colombo Motor Show in Sri Lanka.

50% Increase in Footfall Traffic to a Major Supermarket | Reach Case Study | Sri Lanka

How mobile marketing drove a 50% increase to a major supermarket chain during salary week in Sri Lanka.

Reclaim Top-of-Mind Awareness for Starbucks in Jakarta | Starbucks Case Study | Indonesia

Reclaiming Starbucks’ position of being the leading brand for coffee in Jakarta.

A Growth Spurt in Customer Acquisition | ClassPass Case Study | Singapore

How we generated a 50% increase in new sign-ups for ClassPass

Winning Over the Pandemic with Data | Global Premium Skincare Case Study | Thailand

Learn how an international luxury skincare brand in Thailand pivot from 80% offline sales to achieving 490% growth in online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

4 Million Cups of Pop Mie Sold | Indofood Case Study | Indonesia

Leveraging on SMS to sell 4 Million cups of Pop Mie for Indofood through gamification.

Driving New Customer Acquisition with SMS Marketing | Samsung Case Study | Indonesia

Instant rewards can increase customer propensity to spend by 68%. Samsung used this to sell over 330,000 tablets.

17x Increase in Gross Transaction Value (GTV) | Boost e-Wallet Case Study | Malaysia

A case study on how agile adaptation with data-driven insights helped Boost grow over 400% in a predominantly cash society.

350 Credit Card Sign Ups in Less than a Month | Banking Case Study | Thailand

Data made the difference. The bank needed new credit card users – we got them that and more.

Winning Over The Premium Market for LG with SMS Marketing | LG Case Study | Cambodia

LG Electronics aspired to win over the premium market in Cambodia. Find out how SMS marketing strategy contributed to their success.

Your Bills Are On Us | Boost Case Study | Malaysia

Read about the time when Malaysians were offered exciting incentives to pay their bills on time and how this campaign generated fantastic results for our client.

Boostopia 8.8: Celebrating the New Boost Lifestyle | Boost Case Study | Malaysia

Boostopia 8.8 marked the beginning of a new way to shop – a single day where consumers get to enjoy deals both online and offline using just their mobile phone!

#MostHappening 11.11 | Malaysia Airlines Case Study | Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines achieved 2.5X increase in ticket revenue from the 11.11 online shopping day phenomenon.

Breaking New Ground in Online-to-Offline (O2O) Attribution with XACT Insights | Banking Case Study | Singapore

How ADA helped a leading regional bank with a strong presence in Singapore translate and attribute its online marketing efforts to offline customer footfall.

Localisation Matters | Burger King Case Study | Thailand

A case study on Burger King (Thailand) amplify its local message with a creative ad – produced with its hyper-specific audience in mind.

#DoGoodwithBoost This Ramadan | Boost Case Study | Malaysia

Find out how Boost was able to achieve their business KPIs in a competitive e-wallet market while enabling thousands to partake in acts of goodwill during the holy month of Ramadan.

Reaching Foreign Workers with Data | Nano Case Study | Malaysia

How do you target foreign workers that make up 15% of the working population when more than half are undocumented.

Bridging the Digital Gap | Kalbe Case Study | Indonesia

A case study on how Kalbe increased its revenue by 30% through digital transformation by reaching out to non-digitally savvy cancer patients.

Disrupting Giants | The Yoodo Case Study | Malaysia

Yoodo had recently launched as Malaysia’s first and only fully digital telco provider. Find out how Yoodo increased their monthly active users and improve retargeting efforts with data insights.