Case Study

50% Increase in Footfall Traffic to a Major Supermarket Chain in Sri Lanka

The Objective

The aim was to increase footfall to the outlets of a major supermarket chain by encouraging customers to do more grocery shopping during salary week and long weekends.

The ADA Approach

Using our ADA Reach platform, we enabled our client to carry out a promotional campaign during specific time periods, specially targeting salary week and long weekends where people tend to go for more grocery shopping.  The campaign was executed to their loyal client base during this time to ensure maximum effectiveness. A custom audience was created from previous visitors to supermarket outlets and those who interacted with the client’s customer care line to ensure maximum conversion and reach.

  1. Client access the ADA Reach self-serve platform.
  2. Client uploads customer base and message(s) into the secure system.
  3. ADA Reach team checks and verifies the campaign parameters.
  4. Message(s) delivered to the customer base.

The Outcome



in traffic footfall to outlets



of client’s customer base