Using Data-Driven ‘Intelligent Creatives’ to Boost Sales

The modern consumer is dynamic, savvy, and evermore discerning. What makes them tick is constantly shifting, and it’s the marketer’s job to not only keep up, but also stay one step ahead. Marketing campaigns should be equally dynamic, especially with brands having to juggle multiple objectives at one go. This article gives marketers a framework to do just that by leveraging a personalised, insights-driven campaign featuring Malaysia’s largest fuel retailer.

Going Beyond Basics

For brands, the new breed of hybrid consumers requires new ways of looking at data and decision-making. In the case of PETRONAS, it needed to reach out to several target segments with different pain points and barriers of entry, which meant segmentation by demographic and interest alone was insufficient to find the right customer segments.

To develop a data-driven customer persona in 2022, marketers can take the following additional factors into consideration:

Location Specificity

Not all location targeting is created equal. Marketers should actively experiment and differentiate between consumers who have visited their premises and those who were merely in the general area. In addition, hyper-targeting can be done through polygonal geofencing rather than the usual radial geofencing.

Online / Offline Habits

Useful for forming a more comprehensive picture of consumers’ real-world behaviour. Two consumers may share an affinity for a brand, but what drives them to action could be completely different. Intelligent location tracking can reveal offline habits such as time spent in malls. Combining that with anonymised data on online behaviour, like app usage or time spent on mobile gaming, can help marketers refine their marketing mix. 

Timing & Context

As countries go in and out of COVID-19 curbs, consumer behaviour will remain in flux. But the pandemic is not the only factor in play. For PETRONAS, other elements that could drive consumer behaviour included weekdays versus weekends, petrol stations at highways versus residential areas, and the type of F&B options available at petrol stations.

Given the data goldmine at their disposal, brands should make it a habit to experiment with data and dissect it in various ways at every stage of the customer journey to reveal new and potentially valuable insights.

Competitive Benchmarking

The next step for marketers is to understand how their brand stands up in the eyes of the customers. Here are three analyses to complete the marketing puzzle:

Brand Health

Leverage social listening tools to assess brand awareness, reputation, customer experience, and consumer sentiment towards a brand on popular social media platforms.

Market Trends

Find out what’s trending among consumers to understand their needs and pain points, as well as who’s stepping in to fill those needs.

Competitive Analysis

Know what works for other brands, how they are engaging with their customers, and who their audiences are. Those insights could be key in getting on-the-fence customers to make the switch.


Creating Intelligent Campaigns

The days of marketing being led by a single campaign or linear “push” messaging, along with fixed assumptions about what customers want, are in their twilight. The rise of digitalisation has fragmented customer preferences even further, making it essential for marketers to harness dynamic insights and marketing technology for 1:1 personalisation.

Creative automation tools can help brands scale up production volume and reduce time-to-market by simultaneously publishing digital assets on multiple platforms, while enabling continuous monitoring and optimisation. PETRONAS was able to produce 10x more creative assets tailored to various personas at 10x the speed. Those assets also achieved 3x higher engagement as well as better click-through and view-through rates. In addition, the brand acquired new customers for their fuel product despite mobility restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Learn more about how PETRONAS created an insights-driven campaign by watching the video from our Re.Con on-demand webinar.


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